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Because we are passionate about helping your business grow, we know and prioritise the importance of keeping a brand consistent in all applications. Below, I discuss the whats hows and whys surrounding corporate identities.

– Written by Jamie Fynn; Design Team & Branding

What is a corporate identity?

A corporate identity is the visual and design elements connected to a company. A strong brand image creates a recognisable and memorable brand from logo to social media. A corporate identity covers more than just the company logo; it includes everything from stationery, billboards and advertising to social media, website and online presence. Consistency across all platforms is key to building a strong brand visual.

Why is a corporate identity important?

By building a strong and consistent brand image, it becomes recognisable and easily remembered by an audience. A corporate identity is also responsible for how your brand is interpreted. To reach the desired target audience, a brand’s visuals need to appeal to that audience specifically. For example, by attaching a corporate styled identity to a brand that embodies professionalism, we are communicating to the right audience.

The benefits of a strong corporate identity:


Creating Trust
A clear and consistent corporate identity sends a message that the company is committed to their presence and success. They are here to stay and are offering a trustworthy and reliable brand.


By improving customer awareness, we can add to a company’s competitive advantage. Ensuring visibility amongst competitors is a great way to ensure company success.

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Brand Identity
A corporate identity is a great way to create a company’s personality/culture. By keeping it consistent, we can avoid confusing customers with mixed messages.


By communicating a harmonious identity, we can create an easily recognisable brand, putting your brand front of mind and ensuring it is one with which it is easy to connect.

Can a weak corporate identity be fixed?

Yes! A corporate identity that no longer appeals to its target audience must be updated. As times, products and services change over the years, so should a corporate identity. Even the smallest change can make a significant impact. Logo updating, image refreshing and complete re-brands are all ways to adjust a corporate identity to communicate the right message. By looking at some of the world’s most successful brands, we can see that corporate identities need to be adjusted to suit the times. Coca-Cola, Apple and Airbnb are prime examples of this.

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